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Prestige Stud Dog Services

Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Stud Dogs

I offer a professional stud service, located in Toolern vale, Melbourne.

I am a highly experienced breeder and will guide you to be successful in having a healthy litter. I know how to assist when needed and can get smaller, larger or difficult females to tie. I can also provide you with detailed information on your females cycle and how to know when she is ready to mate, including how progesterone testing works. Being an experienced breeder myself, I also provide valuable information on how to prepare for a litter and I am available for ongoing support once the puppies are born.

I offer a third tie if needed and AI is also an option. I also offer boarding (two nights), at no extra cost especially if you have to travel a far distance. Payment is made on first tie.If your female does not fall pregnant you will get a free service next time she is on heat.

All Stud services are $700

What I Offer

My Studs

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We had a wonderful experience with our Cavalier Indy. She stayed for a few nights and had 5 successful ties. Amanda was very knowledgeable and wonderful to deal with. We have just had an ultrasound and expecting 3-5 puppies
in about 5 weeks. 🤩

Sally Lovell
December 2022

Amanda has fantastic knowledge about all aspects of dog breeding. She makes the whole process so easy and is happy to answer any questions and help out in anyway. Most importantly though her dogs are stunning 😍 they know their job and throw gorgeous, healthy puppies 🐶

Donna Brown
September 2023

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